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Alex Method VPN | Wolfson College Intranet

Alex Method VPN

Quick Steps


Click here to download the VPN client and run it to install


Reboot your computer after client installation (important)


Start Chrome web browser. Chrome can be downloaded here


In Chrome visit


Click on “Open Secure Endpoint Manager” or “Activate agent” whenever it asks


If you are using a PC(not a Mac) go to download and install the VPN connector.

On a Mac (or anything else not PC) just follow the instructions when you go to the website.

Open a browser and go to

Log into the following screen with your normal login name and password

On the first login you might see the following screen. Chose install. This will download a file that should appear. Run the file.

On Firefox you might well see the following too, click on the highlighted
Click on + in Personal Bookmark

Click on Save

  • You should then be connected to your computer. You will probably be asked trust it again.
    If you want to change the screen resolution:
  • You can adjust the size of the window you get or chose full screen.
  • Click on the pen symbol on the page with My PC.

Click on My PC

We have one more setting to adjust – we need to start our remote session to do it. Now click your bookmark and start the connection.

You will see a new dialog box like this –

Click on OK to proceed. You will now see the desktop of your remote (work) computer.

Click on Top Right. Look for the SonicWall logo – an ‘S’ in a shield – and click on it.

You will now see the SonicWall screen settings – select “Fit to View” as this will resize the remote desktop so you don’t need to use scroll bars to navigate around the remote screen.

You have now completed all the steps required to improve the VPN (Alex Method) experience.

This Website Designed By: MJSteadfast