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Discipline and Grievance


To ensure the maintenance of safe and effective operation of business and fair treatment of individual employees



Informal Warnings

Minor breaches of College discipline, misconduct, failure to meet performance standards, poor timekeeping, etc. will result in a verbal warning given by an immediate superior. A note of this warning will be made in the employee’s personal file.

It is expected that in most cases a verbal warning will quickly resolve most difficulties. Where there is a more serious case of misconduct or an employee fails to improve and maintain that improvement with regard to conduct or job performance, the following steps will be taken.

Formal Warnings

A disciplinary interview conducted by the Bursar will be held. The employee may be accompanied by another employee of the College if so desired.

The employee will be informed of the nature of the complaint and such evidence as may exist. The employee may present his explanation of the matter.

If it is decided that disciplinary action should be taken the employee will be told of the decision and later given a letter of confirmation.

The written confirmation will state:


details of the misconduct, poor performance or time-keeping that has occasioned the warning;


details of the necessary action to remedy the situation, any period of review, extra training, etc. decided on;


that any further misconduct, etc. will result in:

(i) dismissal with appropriate notice, or;
(ii) a further disciplinary interview and confirmed final warning which, if unheeded, will result in dismissal with appropriate notice.


The final decision to dismiss can only be taken by the Bursar after she has satisfied herself with regard to
the facts of the case, the appropriateness of mitigating circumstances and has interviewed the employee

Alternatives short of dismissal may be considered; they are:


suspension without pay up to a maximum of 7 days;


demotion to a more suitable job, if available;


transfer to another department within the College.


Dismissal without warnings

In rare circumstances the employee will be summarily dismissed if it is established, after investigation and hearing the employee’s version of the matter, that there has been an act of gross misconduct, major breach of duty or conduct that brings the College into disrepute. In particular this includes:

  • Insubordination
  • Serious breach of safety rules potentially involving loss of life or limb
  • Theft, fraud, breach of clocking rules, being under the influence of drink or drugs during working hours


  • Flagrant failure to follow College documentary procedures and regulations
  • Breach of duty regarding non-disclosure of confidential information
  • Deliberate damage to College property or that of other employees
  • Disorderly or indecent conduct
  • Fighting on College premises or threatening physical violence
  • Acts of incitement or actual acts of discrimination on the grounds of sex, race religion, colour or ethnic origin.

The employee may be suspended with pay whilst the circumstances of any complaint are investigated. The employee may appeal to the President, either verbally or in writing against any disciplinary action taken against him, within 48 hours of that action being taken.

Grievance Procedures for Employees

Any employee wishing to discuss a grievance arising from their employment should raise the matter with their immediate supervisor.

If there is no satisfactory solution within two working days, the grievance can be raised either verbally or in writing with the Bursar.

After consultation the Bursar will give his decision within five working days. You have the right to appeal.

This should be made in writing, addressed to the President, within five working days of being informed of the Bursar’s decision, stating your reasons for the appeal.

This procedure applies to both individual and collective grievances.

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