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Leave Entitlement



Leave Entitlement

The holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Entitlement to holidays is determined on the basis of hours or days worked. There are a maximum of twenty-five earned days holiday per year for those working five days a week, pro-rata for those working part-time, with Bank Holidays being additional to the earned entitlement. If you start work after the beginning of the leave year your leave entitlement will be calculated pro rata to the proportion of the leave year remaining.


All requests for annual holiday should be made in writing using a holiday request card at the earliest reasonable opportunity and in any event no later than1 week before the required start date. Heads of Department may decline holiday requested retrospectively or at short notice due to the business needs of the College. You will be required to take some annual leave at times when the College is closed, for example during the Christmas closure.

The holiday request should be passed to your Head of Department for approval. Once authorised the request is then passed to the Personnel Office to update your holiday record. An updated copy of the holiday card will be returned to the employee.

Employees are allowed to carry forward a maximum of five unused days to the next year, in which case such holiday must be taken no later than 28 February after the end of the holiday year to which the unused holiday relates.

Notification will be required to cancel booked holiday. If for any reason, employees know that they will be late returning from holiday, they must contact their Head of Department and notify of their late return as soon as possible. Failure to do will render the employee liable to disciplinary action for unauthorised absence.

Inclement Weather

In the event of bad weather, you are expected to make every reasonable effort to get into work. If this is not possible, the time should either be taken from your annual leave entitlement, taken as unpaid leave or time lost should be made up at a later date..

Medical and Dental Appointments

Time off for doctor or dental appointments may be made up out of normal working hours or taken as leave. Hospital appointments may be notified by completion of a self-certification, with a copy of the appointment details attached.

Compassionate Leave

On the death of a member of the immediate family e.g. spouse, child, sibling, parent, partner, immediate step relatives (stepchild, stepparent, stepbrother or sister) and grandchild, a maximum of five days may be taken without loss of annual leave entitlement. On the death of a grandparent, parent-in-law, brother/sister-in-law a maximum of 3 days may be taken without loss of annual leave entitlement.

Emergency Leave

All employees are entitled to reasonable unpaid time off to attend to an emergency relating to a dependant. In addition, once you have used up your annual leave, you may, with the agreement of your manager, take a limited number of days off as unpaid leave to cover unforeseen events.


Payment of accrued unused holiday entitlement will be made on termination of employment. In the event that a holiday has been taken over and above that already accrued, we retain the right to make a deduction of the appropriate sum from your final salary.

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