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Neil Method VPN | Wolfson College Intranet

Neil Method VPN

Wolfson College Staff network VPN Configuration: Neil’s Method


The IT Office will provide you with the VPN password and your workstation’s IP address…


There are two stages to connecting remotely to your workstation in college:


Step 1

Creating a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection from your PC to our college network


Step 2

Creating a Remote Desktop Connection from your home PC to your work PC.

Creating the VPN connection

From your PC, follow these steps:

Download the VPN Client form the following address (you can copy and paste this into your

Once downloaded double click the file to install the client, add the following details (these are case sensitive:

Default Server:
Default Domain:

Finally untick “Allow connections to other profiles” and finish the installation.

Once the installation is complete open NetExtender Client you will see the following window

Fill in the details as follows:

Username: Username Provided by the Wolfson IT Office
Password: Password Provided by the Wolfson IT Office
Domain (case sensitive):

Click the connect button, you should see a window like this confirming VPN connection.

Create a Remote desktop Connection

On your home PC go to the Start menu, All Programs, Accessories, and select ‘Remote Desktop Connection’

Click on ‘Show Options’

As well as the IP address of your computer at Wolfson, you need to put in your username (remember to add our domain so the username looks like collegeofficear699). Tick the ‘Allow me to save credentials’ box if you want it to remember you for next time you want to connect.

Then click the connect button

Enter your Windows password (you can also tick ‘remember my credentials’ here) and click ‘OK’. The remote desktop connection is complete. You can maximise the window to fill your entire screen if you like. To end the remote session first log off from the remote Windows in the usual way, then click on the NetExtender icon on the taskbar (if NetExtender is minimised) and click the Disconnect button.

Network Drives – whilst connected via Neil’s method only

If you need to access your files on the network directly, first connect using the netextender VPN.
(explained in Neil’s Method). Then open a file browser and go to

You will be asked to log in. For your username use collegeoffice(username you normally use to log in to your computer)

Repeat this step using the following File paths for the different shared drives:

This Website Designed By: MJSteadfast