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We are moving to Exchange Online!

Wolfson is moving away from the University mail server Hermes before it is switched off next year.
Currently, there are two types of email accounts, role based ( and your personal university email accounts ( If you have a role based account then someone from the IT office office will get in touch on individual basis from next week to organise migration.

Whilst we migrate your role based accounts we would like you to migrate your personal accounts at your earliest convenience by following the University guide found here: If you require any assistance with this process, then please feel free to contact us via the help desk.

Migrating from Hermes to Exchange online for personal ( email accounts

This means we are asking you to migrate your personal mail box to the University’s new email service Exchange Online. This will provide you with a better all-round experience, keeping emails, tasks and calendars together in one easy to manage place. This will bring for each member of staff a number of benefits including, a 5TB Personal One Drive and Access to install office 365 on personal devices including mobile phones and tablets.

What do you need to do first?

Check whether your UIS Password has been synced

Renaming Duplicate folder names In Hermes

Unlike Hermes, Exchange Online is case insensitive, so it will try to treat Hermes folders with the same name, for example, ‘SPAM’ and ‘spam’ as the same folder and will get confused. Therefore you will need to check your email folders within Hermes and in order to remove any duplication, e.g. in the example below, you could change either one of these folder names to ‘moreSpam’ to resolve the naming conflict.

The Migration Process

The process of migrating your mail box is very simple and can be found in detail here:

Here is a brief summary of the migration process

  1. Navigate to the Hermes Migration web page and log in:
  2. Enter your Hermes username ( and password
  3. Enter a name to create a folder in which all of your Hermes folders and emails will be stored. Then queue the “Slow” migration process. This will show you an estimated time of how long this process will take – the more emails the longer the duration.
  4. Once the slow stage is complete log back into: and start the second (fast) process.
  5. Once complete you can log into: with the same credentials as before (CRSid) and start to use Exchange Online along with the benefits it brings.

Please note that during the process of creating your accounts for Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online, it is likely you will receive welcome emails and alert messages. Please ignore them. We will let you know when the system is ready for you to login.


Please feel free to contact the help desk if you require any IT assistance at

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