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Records Management Policy

1. Statement of Commitment

The College recognises that its records and information are a core asset, and that the good
management this asset is necessary because:

It supports the effective management of the College and execution of its core functions

It enables us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations

It supports accountability

It enables us to protect our rights and interests

It forms the basis of our institutional memory and identity

The College also recognises that the potential risks arising from poor management of records and information include reputational damage and financial loss, and compromised decision making and service delivery, arising from:


Information being inaccurate, incomplete, unreliable or unavailable


Compliance failure


Inefficient processes and storage

The College is therefore committed to creating and keeping the records that document our key activities; and managing those records in such a way that they can be found, accessed and used for as long as they are required, in support of the business and interests of the College.

A proportion of the College’s records will be selected for permanently preservation in the College Archives, as an enduring record of the work of the College and for the purposes of historical research, as defined in the forthcoming Archive Policy and Retention Schedules.

2. Scope of the Policy

This policy applies to all records created, received or maintained by College staff in the course of
carrying out their College functions.

Records are defined as any recorded information (whether in paper or digital form) that facilitates the
business of the College and is retained as evidence of its functions, transactions and activities.

Records Management is defined as ‘the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt,
maintenance, use and disposition of records, including processes for capturing and maintaining
evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records’ (ISO
15489:2001 Records Management)

3. Roles and Responsibilities

The College has a corporate responsibility to maintain its records and record-keeping systems in
accordance with the regulatory environment. The College Officer with overall responsibility for this
policy is the Bursar.

The College Officers each have strategic responsibility for… and ownership of the risks associated
with the loss or mismanagement of records and information within their areas.

The College’s Archivist & Records Manager is responsible for promoting and monitoring compliance with this policy, for establishing good records management practices and procedures, and for providing the necessary support and guidance.

The IT Manager is responsible for providing appropriate infrastructure, advising on technical
implementation, data security, and input into policies and procedures.

Heads of Department are responsible for ensuring that all staff in their department are aware of
their recordkeeping responsibilities; and that records documenting the activities and transactions of
their department are created, kept, used and disposed of appropriately.

Individual employees are responsible for documenting their work as the College requires; ensuring
that records for which they are responsible are accurate, and are maintained and disposed of in
accordance with the College’s records management guidelines and procedures; and ensuring that
they use College records appropriately.

4. Related Policies, and Supporting Guidance and Procedures

This policy has been formulated within the context of the related College policies set out in the diagram at point 7 below. It is supported by the guidance and procedures set out in the same diagram.

5. Status

This policy was developed in consultation with Heads of Department and other members of staff, and approved by [insert] on [insert date]

It will be reviewed every 3 years, and the next review will take place in [insert month] 2019.

This policy is publicly available under the College’s Freedom of Information publication scheme

6. Contacts

If you have any queries relating to the management of records and information in the College, please contact the Archivist & Records Manager ( or 01223 330001)

7. Framework of related policies, and supporting guidance and procedures

Items in bold already exist. Items in bold italics are in progress. *Starred items are high priority.

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