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Remote Support | Wolfson College Intranet

Remote Support

Remote Assistance


To assist you remotely we may ask you to install Teamviewer – We recommend that you install this now, prior to any issues. Please note that this does not give usthe ability to remotely access or control your computer without your permission.

Wolfson College Teamviewer Installation

Open a web broswer and navigate to

Teamviewer will begin to download. Once it has finished, please run the installation file.

During the installation select “commercial use” when prompted.

When the installation finishes close down the unattended access window. There will be another window open (this maybe behind the main Teamviewer Window). This will ask for permission to join the Wolfson Teamviewer group please choose “accept”.

We will now be able to request permission to remotely assist you.

This Website Designed By: MJSteadfast